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A Little About Julie

Julie Woodward
Julie Woodward

I have been a teacher all my working life so when I was made redundant it hit hard – it was so unexpected! I found another job but was once again made redundant.

I had also been through a divorce and became acutely aware that I was too reliant on the increasingly unstable job market. I have also faced a number of serious health challenges so I wanted to avoid working full time.

I came across Forever at a health and healing fair I quickly saw its potential as my Plan B to shield me from future financial uncertainty. l. I found I only needed to put a few hours a week into the business, and I knew I could generate a good retirement income. I am also able to control my own diary and this has given me the flexibility I sought.
I now work with others, coaching them to run a business like mine, and while I think anyone of any age and background can start their own Forever business, for women on their own, Forever offers a new lease of life! There is so much support, it extends your social circle and I’ve made so many friends along the way.
I now have the financial peace of mind that I craved and I have the flexibility to travel – it really is the best of both worlds. With my business I’ve been able to create special memories, including being in London with my daughter at my grandson’s birth, and I was also able to arrange a trip to visit my son in Brazil. My pensions may die with me, but I have now created a legacy where my children and grandchildren will inherit my business when I am gone, and that’s why, right now, I couldn’t be happier.

What is, who are Forever Living Products ?

The company Forever Living, sometimes referred to as Forever Living Products as well as just ‘ Forever ‘ was founded in the USA during 1978. The person who started the company was Rex Maughan from the State of Idaho. The primary headquarters for the company is currently situated in Arizona; Rex graduated with a BSc in accounting from Arizona State University.

What makes Forever Living Products so special ?

Forever Living Products are renowned for only using cold stabilised aloe vera gel throughout the range. The aloe is planted, cultivated, harvested and processed entirely by the company; they do not use any third party to supply fresh aloe. The particular species of aloe vera solely used is referred to as Barbadensis Miller in binomial nomenclature (organism naming in Biology). This species is highly potent, containing a cocktail of amino acids and complex molecules that are beneficial to the human body.

Forever Living Products have a patented stabilisation process that ensures the freshness of the aloe. Lesser brands often destroy the helpful benefits of aloe vera by not being able to preserve the freshness of the gel, reducing their potency.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any customer of Forever has the right to cancel any order within 14 days of it being placed.

Forever is so confident in the quality of its products that we offer a complete 60-day money-back guarantee if customers are not entirely satisfied.

If you are not satisfied with any item, simply return the receipt, together with the unused part of the product or empty containers, within 60 days of the date of purchase, and your Forever will refund the price paid.

Please note that if you wish to return your Forever Living product for a refund but did not buy it from Essentially Aloe Shop (Independent Distributors of Forever Living) you must contact your own distributor.